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Postcards of Pelham Bay Park and the East Bronx

Before email, twitter, and social media there were postcards!  Tour bygone places and spaces of the east Bronx through postcards dating to the turn of the 19th century. Views of historic inns, beaches, street, and park scenes from the collection of Thomas X. Casey offer insight into changes in landscapes and lifestyles over the past century. Tom Casey’s collection includes more than 6,000 vintage Bronx postcards dating from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century. Casey is co-author of Northwest Bronx and Bronx Views, and a founding member of the East Bronx History Forum. He has lectured at the Bronx County Historical Society, Kingsbridge Historical Society, Westchester Genealogical Society, New York Public Library, City Island Historical Society and local public schools. View the online exhibition here.



Gaston Lachaise Peacocks

Peacock (Short-tailed), 1920; Peacock (Long-tailed), 1928
Bronze with gilding, cast in 2002 at the Modern Art Foundry, New York

The agricultural industrialist James Deering commissioned Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935) to create the short-tailed peacock in 1920 for Vizcaya, his country estate south of Miami. Architect Philip Goodwin commissioned the long-tailed peacock in 1928 for a fountain at his estate in Syosset, Long Island.  The formal gardens of Bartow-Pell were conceived and constructed circa 1916 by the prominent architectural firm of Delano & Aldrich and recently restored in 2013.In a poetic twist, Goodwin worked for Delano & Aldrich between 1914-1916. Both are on loan to the museum through 2025 courtesy of the Lachaise Foundation and in cooperation with the public art program of the New York City Parks Department.
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