Sounding Box # 11 by MJ  Caseldon

Sounding Box #11 is the first piece to go public in a series of acoustic sculptures that allow viewers to make environment-specific music in real-time. This is an interactive sculpture that generates ambient tones in response to shadows. As viewers approach the sculpture and move to cast shadows in different places, the instrument responds by vibrating strings to make different sounds.
The sculpture is intended to provide a creative, calming experience for participants. Viewers can improvise, producing ambient sounds for their surrounding environment.
The structure of the piece is influenced by traditional stringed instruments. It uses electromagnets to vibrate strings and produce sound. We used littleBits to control the electromagnets.


Peacock (Short-tailed), 1920; Peacock (Long-tailed), 1928
Bronze with gilding, cast in 2002 at the Modern Art Foundry, New York

The agricultural industrialist James Deering commissioned Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935) to create the short-tailed peacock in 1920 for Vizcaya, his country estate south of Miami. Architect Philip Goodwin commissioned the long-tailed peacock in 1928 for a fountain at his estate in Syosset, Long Island. Both are on loan to the museum courtesy of the Lachaise Foundation and in cooperation with the public art program of the New York City Parks Department.
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